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Mon Nov 10 08:35:30 PST 1997

Dear Catherine,
Here in the Outlands, we use demos and ren-faires to drum up new members
-- but at the Aug. Ren-faire (city sponsored) we're at one end of the park
and the fantasy gamers are at the other...
Just a suggestion
Rita of Dragunath

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> >>
> >>> I have seen several people writing about the Ren Fairs drawing new
> >members.  This accounts for a great deal here in the Western Region.  We
> >have had 3 major weekend demos in our Region over the last > non - profit
> >>N, these take precedence over traveling to events.  As an educator, I feel
> >my primary place is educating students and public to what we are and what> 
> >>> Ulrica
> >>> 
> >>>
> >>Since we are a EDUCATIONAL HISTORICAL recreation group, I say
> >>ditto. Events are fun, but if you are not sharing the wealth of know-
> >>ledge, how else are we to grow? 
> What you say about drawing new members is very true, *however*, I'd much
> rather do it as a demo in the park or at a school.  I have a real problem
> with helping people like George just get richer at our expense--granted, we
> do get money for our groups, but...  Not to mention the fact that Ren Fairs,
> at least the Texas one often get people off to a questionable start
> regarding accuracy, authenticity, etc. as concerns the SCA.  Jes' call me
> picky ;^>
> Catherine
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