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Mon Nov 10 11:00:54 PST 1997

While I'm certain that Daniel didn't mean to insult, I agree with Sir 
Barn's sentiments. I know that as a member of the Chivalry, I prize 
honor and chivalry before any victory. I also earnestly strive for 
historical authenticity and gentlemanly behavior. Furthermore, I know 
that my brothers and sisters in chivalry all do also strive for all of 
these things. Were we simply mega-stickjocks - a name that 
inadvertently implies backwards knuckle draggers or pure athletes - we 
would ignore all of these finer ideals and goals in favor of victory. 
That is simply not the case.

 I write this not directly to Daniel - as I wrote earlier, I'm sure 
that he didn't mean to offend - but rather in defense of the heavy 
community in general. While we are far from perfect, neither are we 
uncouth cave men and I for one have heard too many inferences to that 
effect to let them continue to go by unanswered.

Most Sincerely,

Pendaran Glamorgan, Baron of Bryn Gwlad, KSCA, BCA, OSM, ST, ST, SC, 

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   I would really appreciate it if in the future you would not refer 
to the
Members of the Chivalry as "mega-stickjocks".  Some of us work very 
hard at
honor and courtesy, chivalry and respect and to have that belittled by 
such a
nametag as Mega-Stickjock just really burns me up.  It would be like 
the MOL crayon smearers or the MOP pencil pushing geeks.  All of the 
mentioned above by myself was meant as an example and not my true 
 You see Daniel,  slander and disrespect only show everyone how little 
really are.
In Service
Sir Barn Silveraxe KSCA,BCA, OSM,OIM,ST,SC,QR

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