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Mon Nov 10 14:28:27 PST 1997

Darl von Augsburg wrote:
> I myself am having a harder and harder time believing that the SCA is an
> educational group.

[many good points cut]
> Granted, I'm no authent-o-crat myself.  I appreciate the things of the
> middle ages, but I'd prefer a party to a museum tour.  But I'm not trying
> to fool myself that it's education for me or anyone else.

When I explain to people what the SCA is, I use the phrase "re-creates
aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance."  I realize that the SCA
tends to use a romantic, even Victorian view in a lot of what we do, but
the potential for much more is there.  All it takes is effort on the
part of the individual to realize that potential.  

How much you learn from the SCA is directly proportional to how much you
put into it.  Our rules allow every member the option of being a
spectator and party-goer, as long as they make the basic attempt at a
costume.  However, most of us outgrow that stage and strive to do much
more.  And we are rewarded for making the effort.

I think that the structure of the SCA encourages our members to learn. 
I don't think there is any way to advance in the SCA without doing your
homework.  Learning about history isn't a requirement to play in the
SCA, but I do think it's a side-effect of playing.

But, I still think we should do demos, and do talks in schools when we
are invited.  One of the best ways to find out what you don't know about
your personna and time period is to have a room full of eight year olds
ask you questions for an hour.  *grin*

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