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Mon Nov 10 13:34:09 PST 1997

/My point is this. At fairs we get a lot of "tire-kickers"

Yup. No matter where you are you get them.

/ and a few of
/our members shine at interfacing with the public.That's great ...for

Different Strokes for different Folks

/ On the other hand those with a strong and abiding interest in the
/middle ages WILL seek us out.

Maybe, -if they know we exist and we fit their needs. I know a lot of
people who are SERIOUS history types who won't even entertain the 
thought of coming out because we don't do things authentic enough and
have seen those of us who do alot of bragging about how we know
history but cannot stand up to the scrutiny of that knowledge. And I know
people who just attended to party in garb who are now researching things
they never would have if not for their exposure to it in the SCA.

/ Our task is not to seek out new members,
/but instead make those who make that effort to find us feel welcome.

Maybe not seek out - but make available 
and yes make those welcome who do find us.

/Many people have different opinions, that's fine but don't expect the
/kingdom to give up our time with each other for a fair.

Each person makes their own priorities. I like going to crown tourneys
and have liked doing so way before I had someone to fight for me.
Lots of my SCA friends think that Crown Tourney and Coronations are 
"too political" and I'm "a sick puppy" for even wanting to attend.
I also like the short amount of time I spend at TRF, it gives me an
appreciation for being in the SCA and an opportunity to infect others
with the SCA bug. But I would never advocate the stopping of kingdom
activity for any demo and I don't think anyone else would either.

Reality is... that people wander in and out of the SCA and we need a supply
of members willing to do the things necessary for us stay an organization.
Demos at Reniassance Fairs are only ONE way that we can expose the public
to the fact that we exist and explain what we do. For every person that
has contact MAYBE 1 out of several hundred will make any effort to 
communicate with us and if they fit in to the group in an area only so many
will be active members and out of the active members only so many will
be willing to hold offices.  
/Lord Mykaru Kurodachi


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