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Mon Nov 10 18:37:01 PST 1997

Greetings, Ansteorra!

  Lorraine asked:
> What projects can we do you think we could do to give as gifts to
> our neighboring Kingdoms?

At Elfsea Defender, Their Majesties Kein and Alisha asked the Barons and Baronesses present to each pick a Kingdom to produce a gift for. The gifts would be at Gulf War so their Heirs would have something to give to those kingdoms present.

Elfsea chose the Kingdom of Atlantia.  I believe their Majesties have a list of the others.

We are working on a linen tablecloth with "punto in aria" needlework lace panels.  This project is being spearheaded by Mistress Eowyn (sorry Eowyn, but I haven't learned the Welsh title yet..beat me later.)  We have had two classes in lace-making to date. We will probably have other gifts, but don't know what as of yet.

What other projects are in the works around the Kingdom?  Enquiring minds want to know....Perhaps a little competition between the Baronies could be a healthy thing?

Baroness Zara Zina Theanos

"Go Byzantine."
"Keep your kids off artificial colors."
"Life is Good in Elfsea."

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