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Mon Nov 10 16:49:10 PST 1997

Vanora wrote:
> some of these new
> ladies on the field will be in for one big suprise the first time hit in 
> the chest without rigid protection. My lord suggested stating in the new 
> rule (assuming this happens) that new women fighters _should_ be 
> mandated to wear chest protection for "X" ammount of time.

I started doing archery using an armguard.  After a while, I found
that my shots were drifting down and to the side.  My instructor
watched me a few times, and then suggested "Take off the armguard".
Shot 1: *THWACK* right into my forearm.  "OW.".  Shot 2: *THWACK*
right into my forearm, about where it hit the first time.  "OW!".  I
corrected my stance ASAP.  As he puts it, "Without an armguard, it's a
self-correcting error".  Now I never use an armguard if I can avoid

However, I *was* required to use an armguard in Illiton (Peoria),
because the archery marshal required it.  He was afraid that someone
who hit their bare forearm would flinch at future shots.  However, I
*don't* flinch, because I've hit it enough times that I'm used to the
sting.  I wonder if it affected my shooting.

The point of this not-particularly-relevant anecdote is that I think
each lady should judge for herself, according to her own comfort,
style, and means.  Perhaps she could take a series of unopposed shots
of low to medium power?  However, each new lady should be told of the
dangers of cysts and that rigid armor can be made.

Daniel de Lincoln
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