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Mon Nov 10 16:56:32 PST 1997

We use are own target not the university's, so all we are using is the flat
ground. jActuly the F/S hav eto pay a fee to use rec sport equipment, and it
just went up with tne new rec center (about $200. a year for staff). You may
be right about the dif. in non-authorized usage I don't belive their is a
problem with it here.
>As I recall, the original problem with UT was that they did not want us to
>use crossbows, based on the mistaken belief that all crossbows are powered
>something like an F-4 and would tear up their targets.  I can understand the
>other rule, though.  As with any athletic or sports equipment on campus,
>students pay a fee as part of their tuition to use the facilities.  Faculty
>and staff must also pay a membership fee to use the same facilities.  I can
>go use the archery range, but my husband can't   IIRC, there are no
>membership fees for F/S to use the workout facilities at A&M (which brings
>up an interesting point: the students -- and/or you the taxpayer -- are
>paying for it!), so perhaps there's not a big problem if the organization is
>registered on campus.  A&M is in a much smaller town without the same sorts
>of problems we face about non-authorized usage here in Austin.
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