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Mon Nov 10 17:03:39 PST 1997

Lorraine asks:

At Pennsic and Gulf War the custom has been that each of the Kingdoms
in attendance give each other gifts. Some of the Kingdoms have given
a stained glass window to each kindom with its arms on it. Pitchers 
with the kindom arms. Leather Jacks with the Crown and Consort arms.
What projects can we do you think we could do to give as gifts to
our neighboring Kingdoms?

I'm sure folks here can come up with some interesting ideas. You
might also be interested in looking at some of the ideas in this
file in the SCA-INC section (hmm gotta change that section name)
of Stefan's Florilegium:

largess-ideas-msg (46K) 10/15/97    Ideas for largess and gifts. Royalty gifts.

Stefan li Rous
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