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Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Mon Nov 10 19:30:38 PST 1997

>Hello friends,
>Since the topic of education in the SCA is current, I thought I would
>share some of what I am learning in my Ancient and Medieval Western
>Civilization class in college.
>In the Middle Ages,
>...chastity belts were extremly common and warn by all the wives when
>their men were out on the Crusades.

Was there a corresponding increase in locksmiths?  What are the
references cited to support the claim?
>...canibilism was rampant all over Europe during the Crusades.

Cannibalism was probably more prevalent than one would like, but had
more to do with crop failure than the Crusades.  As for the Crusaders,
we've been discussing some of their peculiar eating habits in a
cannibalism discussion over on the cooks list, complete with citations.
No, we do not intend to serve two-legged mutton at the next feast,
>...people were so filthy, there were actually sewn into their clothes
>and would wear them until they fell off.

I've seen a reference to this practice, except it was specifically the
long undershirt worn next to the skin.  You get to hoist the hem for all
natural and unnatural acts.  If I remember correctly, it was for 18th
century France, when they did a lot of strange fashion things like wet

It sounds like your textbook authors may be taking specific comments and
transmuting them to golden generalities.  Alchemists rather than
>And to throw a Renaissance bit in:  When Elizibeth I died, there was an
>inch thick layer of caked on make-up on her face.

Wonder which courtier was less than flattering talking to Dear Diary?
If they don't reference the cad, it's probably a shuck.
>Anybody care to comment?  

You got my comments. Have at them.

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