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Donald Walker walkerd at
Mon Nov 10 23:19:08 PST 1997

njones at wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Since the topic of education in the SCA is current, I thought I would
> share some of what I am learning in my Ancient and Medieval Western
> Civilization class in college.
> Anybody care to comment?
> Gio.

The old "a dark cloud descended over Europe for a thousand years"
mentality still exists in the academic world. I believe strongly in the
ecuctional aspects of the SCA. Most of our work is done in our own
benefit and that is fine. As an educational organization our first goal
is to raise the level of understanding of our own membership. Then we
can start working with others.

I hear stories all the time about what somebody heard in class or what
their child heard in grade school. That is the best part of being able
to do public demos. Beyond the fact that we have pulled over half of our
local membership (Barony of Bonwicke) from such activities. I know it is
like the story of the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dyke.

What bother me is what I here from some of the instant experts in the
SCA. An SCA/Geenpeace type told some locals that the Sahara was a desert
because the Mongols cut down all the trees to grow grass for their
horses. The old lie about 'they didn't take a bath' does very well in
the Society. I hear it at least every other event or so. We have a lot
of people who do a lot of good work; then I look at the other 60% of the
Society and sometimes it grts a little depressing.


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