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>play the middle ages the way they really were. But many of us do
>extensive research on the way things *really* were, and then teach it.

Yes, we wouldn't last very long at all if we did things the way the 'really
were'; it must remain an intellectual pursuit.  Not to mention the fact that
there was nothing 'in period' remotely like what we do every weekend.  Their
tourneys didn't look like ours, they weren't run like ours, every Tom, Dick,
and Harry was not allowed to attend, and they certainly didn't drag their
women and children out to the things.  women attended, yes, but not in
droves and certainly not wondering around unescorted, etc.

>>    * Religion was not a very prominent part of people's lives.  Crosses
>>      were rarely displayed and religious talk rarely heard.

        *Heh, and not only that, but pagans were openly accepted and allowed
to walk          around free. (NOT)

>>    * The majority of the people in the middle ages were from Europe.
>>      Very little of the earth's population were in the Middle East or
>>      Far East and nobody lived in the Americas.

Well, our 'by-laws' do say we study and 'recreate' *western* European
society of the time period, etc.

>> The SCA is more of a 20th century, politically correct, polished version
>> of the middle ages.

Hardly, in a lot of ways, the middle ages has nothing on the politics people
try to play in this 'game' we call SCA.  The SCA is a microcosm of society
as a whole.  We carry our foibles, politics and all into our weekend
pursuit, even to include some folks letting others tell them how to think
and act because we give them a power they don't really possess.
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