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Tue Nov 11 08:50:32 PST 1997

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>What say we keep the mundane (AKA modern) aspects of politics out of this
>discussion group?  I think there's plenty to talk about in the realms that
>the mailing list covers: the SCA, medieval history, and our fair kingdom. 
>Please?  :)

Fair enough, but it is something we should all think about and the two are
very closely related.  And it's not politics:  Disrespect is disrespect.  I
see it when the colors are being lowered and I see it in SCA court.  I
couldn't count the number of people at the last event I went to (which shall
remain nameless) who didn't bother to bow/courtesy when entering the
Presence or who walked right up to the B&B without acknowledging the Crown's
Presence and/or just turned and walked away after their business was
concluded.  I'm not one of these who thinks you ought to bow to the empty
thrones everytime you pass them, but when they're occupied...

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