ANST - about the corwin knighting web sight....

eric caladin at
Tue Nov 11 09:15:31 PST 1997

Hi everyone,

I'm afraid work has jumped up and bitten me on the backside, (although it
should end soon)

I have not been able to go anywhere to get pictures from anyone to put up...

anyone has a scanner who wants to email them to me can send them to me here 
and I'd love them forever, I'm going to ask around at fighter practice today
to see if there are any godd picture around the barony I can scan!


p.s. I'm afraid I got so behind on ansteorra the I just mass deleted them,
so that's why I haven't answered such pleas.. sorry :(

>>Please say that you will let us all know where to look when you get
>>the pics up on the Web.... 
>>Wrenne Blackthorne 
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