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>Fair enough, but it is something we should all think about and the two are
>very closely related.  And it's not politics:  Disrespect is disrespect.  I
>see it when the colors are being lowered and I see it in SCA court.  I
>couldn't count the number of people at the last event I went to (which shall
>remain nameless) who didn't bother to bow/courtesy when entering the
>Presence or who walked right up to the B&B without acknowledging the Crown's
>Presence and/or just turned and walked away after their business was
>concluded.  I'm not one of these who thinks you ought to bow to the empty
>thrones everytime you pass them, but when they're occupied...

Guilty as charged Cathrine. I shall endeavor to change it.  Thank you
for the gentle reminder.

When your frumenty gets that thin green border around the edge,
it's fimbriated. Don't eat fimbriated frumenty.
                -- Lord Ras and Baron Steffan
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