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Ulrica said:
The bathing thing does seen to come up quite often..especially right after
the tourney is over1 <grin>  My reading does seem to indicate that the at
least the Northern groups, i.e. Norway, etc.  were fond of a daily dousing
and combing of the hair.  Seems kind of odd, considering the water
temperature up there.  So, go figure!

It really depended upon the culture, social class and year. It is easy enough
to find folks on either exteme and in the middle. However, the blanket
statement the professor made is wrong.

For more info, look at these files in the PERSONAL CARE section of Stefan's
bathing-msg       (14K)  4/ 4/96    Bathing and cleanliness in the Middle Ages.
hair-msg          (50K)  2/16/96    Period and SCA hairstyling and care.
p-hygiene-msg     (54K)  9/10/96    Period bathing, hygiene, teeth brushing,
                                       menstural care.
perfumes-msg      (16K) 10/28/97    Medieval perfumes and pomanders.

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