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Tue Nov 11 01:14:15 PST 1997

Lord Larkin O'Kane wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Nov 1997 14:43:24 -0600 (CST), (Joel Schumacher) wrote:
> >Granted, I'm no authent-o-crat myself.  I appreciate the things of the
> >middle ages, but I'd prefer a party to a museum tour.  But I'm not trying
> >to fool myself that it's education for me or anyone else.
> Let's see, since I've joined the SCA I've learned that the study of
> history can be fun; especially when you try to "live" a bit of it.
> *snip*

Yes.  I find that living in garb has really given me great insight.  As
I struggle with very heavy Elizabethan skirts--always getting in my
way-- I sometimes think to myself, 'Oh!  **THAT"S** whay they did it
that way.'  And it's funny how a simple thing like a corset can change
your entire outlook on life.


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