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Tue Nov 11 20:49:00 PST 1997

> What I have read on the subject was that bathing was viewed by the church as
> being decadent, probably because folks had a tendency to bathe together,
> however.
> Catherine

I got to thinking about this bathing being decadent ther other day. 
Think about it from a time management point of view.  To have a hot bath
in the home you have to have:

1.  A large enough vessel to hold all or most of your body.
2.  A rather large amount of water, drawn by hand.
3.  A fire.
4.  A vessel to heat water in.

Now, think how much time  it would take to bath.  Time that good decent
(fairly dirty) people could use doing other work that would more
directly benefit the family.

All this proves that I have way too much time on my hands....  ;)


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