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Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Wed Nov 12 09:03:45 PST 1997

> the Princess of Wales in all of her finery,
> jumped in the sack with William of Wallace after he had been fighting all
> those nasty Englishmen for a couple of years...*yuck*
> Not to mention oral hygeine probably wasn't a real concern for them, and
> they sure did have passionate kisses...
> Well, I know what Timo smells like after fighting all day, and I know what
> insults my delicate olfactory senses!  (as I gesture wildly to the
> showers....)    

Let's not forget that people's tastes change. The human smell is made up of
a great deal of chemicals, some of which induce sexual desire. Many perfumes
are made with the rather nasty scent glands of mustelids, the musk is considered
necessary to enhance attractiveness.  In the smelly Middle Ages I would
think that a man who smelled like a MAN would be attractive to a Middle Ages

Bushmen and primatives found in deep jungle can barely stand the stink of the
perfumed researchers and visitors from the "Civilized World".

Different strokes for different noses.

> Allysyn


(Yeah, I get pretty stinky too.)
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