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Lord Larkin O'Kane larkin at
Wed Nov 12 09:46:30 PST 1997

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:56:09 -0600, dentim at (Tim Lozos)

>>Remember how you were going to hide in the closet on the blow-calling thing?
>>Well, now might be a good time...
>I feel safe knowing that Timo is up in North Texas somewhere with work, and
>that my computer's delete key works!

But Allysyn, how are you going to bribe all of us not to repost when
Timo returns?  <evil grin>

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When your frumenty gets that thin green border around the edge,
it's fimbriated. Don't eat fimbriated frumenty.
                -- Lord Ras and Baron Steffan
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