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Wed Nov 12 10:43:11 PST 1997

> > The members of Black Oak Keep invite you to the 5th Annual BLACK OAK
> > KEEP CHAMPIONSHIP, November 7-9, 1997 at Camp Harlow in Kellogg, TX.
> Not recalling any traffic on the matter so far...
> So, how was the event? 

It went well, the weather was beautiful. Perfect for singing around a bonfire.
The numbers were fewer this year than last unfortunately, especially with so
many leaving right after the lists or court. They missed out on some of the
best parts of the event.

The Chivalric combat had fighters of all levels of skill and expirience. Viscounts
Axel and Galen graced us with their fighting. I didn't get to play 'cause I busy
tending to the feast.

On the rapier field were Don Brendan (the current Queen's Champion), Don Navarre,
and Dona Leah amongst the worthy combatants.

Since His Majesty was unable to attend, Court was graciously held by Their
Excellencies of Elfsea, Llewllyn and Zara Zina.  It was fairly short and
feast was served immediately after.

We had a large bardic fire going as well as gambling and a wonderful A&S competition.
> Who are the new champions?

The new Champion of Black Oak Keep is: (drum roll) Don Miguel O'Porto, Centurion.
The Cavalier is: Don Brendan McEwan, Queen's Champion
The Artisan is: HL Zara Zena, Baronness of Elfsea
The Huntsman is: Don Brendan McEwan (much to his surprise)

> Any other nifty news? 

You'll have to ask someone who got to pay more attention than me. I was a little

> Any leftovers from feast? <gryn>

Unfortunately yes. The feast was prepared for 150, 100 were on site and I wound
up feeding about 60-70, everyone else went home early. Next year everyone should
bring tupperware. 

It was hot and evidently tasty and actually served on time!

> ===
> Pax ... Kihe / Adieu -- Amra / TTFN -- Mike

Sorry you missed it.


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