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Wed Nov 12 09:03:55 PST 1997

>>I got to thinking about this bathing being decadent ther other day. 
>>Think about it from a time management point of view.  To have a hot bath
>>in the home you have to have:
>>1.  A large enough vessel to hold all or most of your body.
>>2.  A rather large amount of water, drawn by hand.
>>3.  A fire.
>>4.  A vessel to heat water in.
>>Now, think how much time  it would take to bath.  Time that good decent
>>(fairly dirty) people could use doing other work that would more
>>directly benefit the family.

Yeah, but that argument never worked with my mother when I was growing
up. She still made me go draw the water to heat on the stove, fill the
#2 washtub and bath.  This was done every Saturday night,  Tuesday
night and Thursday night.

When your frumenty gets that thin green border around the edge,
it's fimbriated. Don't eat fimbriated frumenty.
                -- Lord Ras and Baron Steffan
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