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Wed Nov 12 11:19:02 PST 1997

Siobhan here from sunny San Diego

In defense of college professors, you're probably getting the more
titillating trivia like "chastity belts" instead of a learned discourse on
gender roles in the Middle Ages because the professor harbors the vain hope
that 2/3 of the class might wake up and retain at least one factoid from the
class, and perhaps even one person might be inspired to further explore
relations between the sexes in the Middle Ages.  Using sex to spark interest
in a relatively unrelated commodity is the American way, after all.

Besides, it made you question, think, reach your own conclusion and perhaps
even (shudder) do some independent research, didn't it?  Sounds vaguely like
education.  (and no, I don't believe that _all_ education has to be "fun,"
but that's another topic.)

Glad to be back on line and hearing from everyone again,


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