ANST - Bathing

Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Wed Nov 12 13:37:49 PST 1997

> However, there must have been some problems since pomanders were popular
> in some times and cultures. Perhaps they were more for blanketing the wearer of the
> pomander from the smells around them than for those around the wearer?
> Stefan

I think the pomanders were used to keep the smells of the world from intruding
upon the delicate sensitivities of the upper classes. The open sewers, reeking
herdsmen, "aging" meat in the windows, and everything else. 

I don't think bathing was done all that much but perhaps an occassional swim in the
local lake or seashore was in order for special occassions or for courting.  Not
clean and soapy smelling but nicer.


BTW. I have used the washing bags and a pan of water for a quick sponge bath and
I really did feel and smell much better.
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