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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Nov 12 20:36:13 PST 1997

> I may add that one thing they didn't have back then was sugar.

What they didn't have was *refined* sugar.  They certainly had
honey.  For all the stuff you hear about how natural, healthy,
et cetera honey is, it's still loaded with sugar (and I doubt it
has many nutrients), but I just dunno).  Is the fructose in
fruit a problem in caries bacteria?  Do beer, wine, et cetera,
produce glucose, fructose, suctrose, morose -- and which is harmful?

I would also like to second Scipio's point: not brushing is an
invitation to gum disease and tooth loss (or more serious complications).

Daniel de Lincoln
who is surprised he doesn't set off airport metal detectors
with all the fillings he has
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