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Thu Nov 13 07:19:44 PST 1997

Greetings from Alexis LaBouche:

As to Sir Lyonel's original question on the hypothetical.  I would
first change targets, then crank up assuming that either my sword is
dead or I am tired or both.  If there was a pause in the fighting, I
would ask my opponent about the shots during the fight.  Otherwise, I
would ask them about the shots after the fight.  The answer is the same
regardless of the opponent, although the tone of the conversation would
probably be different.

As to the issue of participatory marshalls, I have fought in other
kingdoms, like Caid, where the marshalls did take a more active role. 
I did not notice much of a difference in the level of rhino-hiding,
since very few marshals, including those with rank, are going to call
someone dead who vigorously denies having felt a good shot having
landed.  Especially as a veteran fighter, I know there are just too many
variables in a fight for me to have complete confidence in how my shots
land when I am holding one end of the sword, much less when I am
watching someone else's fight.  Now that's not to say I don't have an
opinion, but I always try to temper it with the times I later found my
sword was dead or watched how a person moves away from shots behind
their shield, etc.

My two cents would be to encourage fighters to talk about the fight and
to encourage marshals to contribute their opinion about things that they
have seen such as location and movement of the fighters, etc.  Often
when a fighter is presented with his opponent and one or two marshals
commenting that a particular shot 'sure looked like it hit in the
faceplate' is sufficient to get even the thickest hide to give a shot a
fair evaluation.  If we can get people to talk about a shot without
getting their backs up then I think that the majority of the problems
will be resolved.

Until later;

Alexis LaBouche
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