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Sybella sybella at
Thu Nov 13 12:31:52 PST 1997

okay I know this is sorta kinda off topic...

but just lost a huge limb out of my oak tree, missed the house by 8'19
inches - my bedroom no less.
but I also ''lost'' my old, old mistletoe that was growing on the limb.

does anyone know if I can stick it in another oak tree and it will grown
or how to save it?  Is it a parasytic type plant that has to have the
''mother'' tree to keep alive.  I hate to lose the stuff, I have used it
at Yule for the last `15 yrs....grump.

Any help would be appreciated...and will bring some to crown lyst this
weekend if any wants the little peices that cannot be saved...

BB to all

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