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Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Nov 13 07:36:56 PST 1997

Mark Harris wrote:
> If the viewpoint expressed above was what was meant and is prevalent
> among the Dons then I would say that the Dons are still a ways from
> Peerage.

You tell 'em Stefan!

Wow, talk about misconstruing a post. What would you expect the Dons to
talk about, needlework? Tatting, perhaps, but not needlework. :-)
(Tatting = lace = neck, arm, boot doillies)

The White Scarves are the leaders of the rapier community, which is to
say, they serve the rapier community. In the process of serving this
community, they serve the SCA in general. But event hosting or A&S not
related to rapier are not likely to be discussed at much length in a
Circle of the White Scarves. It's not the appropriate place.

I would ask that you not be so quick to find offense where none is
offered. I do not speak for the rapier community, since I don't belong
to it, but am only stating my own viewpoint.

Lord Guillaume
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