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>f its any consolation, I can assure you that the Princess of Wales, 
>who was really about nine years old at the time, never got close to 
>William Wallace. Gibson may have been out to make a compelling movie 
>but this one got a little loose with the facts. Sorry. :)
Nor was the battle of Sterling a field battle. It was a bridge battle.
Nor did the English ever use Irish consripts, Welch yes - Irish- no.
Nor was there probably a kilt to be found in the Scottish Army in the battles
for Independence.
Nor did the Scots ever sack York- Vikings-yes- Scots -no but they came close
- about five miles or so.
Nor did the English kill William Wallaces'  wife- they did kill his father,
Sir Malcolm Wallace ( note his father was NOT a peasant)
Nor was the battle of Bannockburn  ( the last battle in Braveheart where King
Robert led the army) an attempt to submit to Edward II.  The Scots were out
numbered (they always were) but were there to defeat the English at all
costs.Which they did.

About the only accurate thing in Braveheart was the inability of the nobles
to unite against a common agressor.

Still- it was a magnificently grand movie!!

Baron Bors of Lothian ( Provence in South-east Scotland)
il dit tout ce qu'il veut,  malheureusement il n'a rien a' dire.

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