ANST - FWD: Trimaris Crown Results

Vanora Villon vanora at
Sun Nov 16 13:26:24 PST 1997

Greetings from Vanora... again <sigh>!

This just now arrived to me from Trimaris:

>Date: 16 Nov 97 16:07:04 -0500
>From: "Eric C. Smith" <maredudd at>
>Subject: FWD: Trimaris Crown Results
>To: Trimaris  List <trimaris at>
>Reply-To: trimaris at
>Unto the good folk of Trimaris are sent good greatings from their 
>friend, the Honorable Maredudd ap Cynan.
>Let it be known that on the 15th day of November, Anno Sociotatus 
>being  1997 by the Gregorian reckoning, on the day known within 
>as Martinmass Moot, did Wulfhere Khan, the Lion of Persia, win the 
>to one day place upon the great throne of Trimaris, the Lady Honoree 
>Der Au.  
>Our Lord Wulfhere Khan did face in honorable combat, Lord Odo 
>in the final round, which was fought best two out of three, each
>using the same weapon style as his opponent, with a different weapons
>style in each fight.
>Long Live the King!
>  Long Live the Queen!
>    Long live the Prince!
>      Long Live the Princess!
>Vivat, Trimaris!
>  Vivat, Trimaris!
>    Vivat, Trimaris!
>Yours in Service to My Kingdom,
>                   to our Society,
>                     and to the Dream.
>                         Maredudd ap Cynan
>                         Master of the Lysts, Trimaris
>Eric C. Smith                           Maredudd ap Cynan
>DL-ICD-C                                 Pencenedl, Ty Bondu
>NASA/KSC                              Resident, Shire of Starhaven
>Eric.Smith-1 at      maredudd at

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