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Sun Nov 16 19:59:18 PST 1997

On Sat, 15 Nov 1997, Vanora Villon <vanora at> wrote:
> >> Baron Bors of Lothian ( Provence in South-east Scotland)
> >> il dit tout ce qu'il veut,  malheureusement il n'a rien a' dire.

"He said what he wants; unfortunately, he has said nothing"?

> >Ah, le pauvre!  Et, quel triste pour l'autre qui doit l'=E9couter!

"Ah, the poor [thing]!  And, how sad for the other who something"?

> Alright... I'm going back to french class, again!
>  "Mais, Madame, je parle un petit francias! "

Shouldn't it be "je parle un peu de francais!"?

> I only know things like: "Tu et grand merde, Monsiuer!"
> (Pardon any and all spellings... it's been a while for me.)

Can one "tutoiment" even in an insult?  Is "[a] big 'merde'" an
idiomatic French insult, or should one use "une t{e^}te de merde" or
some such?

> Bonne Nuit, Ansteorra!

Veuillez agr{e'}er, messieurs, l'expression de mes sentiments les

Daniel "seulment high-school French" de Lincoln
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