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Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Mon Nov 17 10:06:32 PST 1997

> >Gunthar
> >
> >BTW. I have used the washing bags and a pan of water for a quick 
> >sponge bath and
> >I really did feel and smell much better.
> Could I trouble you for the reciepe?  They sound very handy....
> Kateryn Heathrydge
> Three Rivers, Calontir

Sorry for not responding sooner but I've been out sick.

The "recipe" for this is really quite simple. Take three parts good oatmeal,
real oatmeal not quick oats to one part organic dried flowers of your choice.
Mix them together and sew them in a bag of a soft, open weave type cloth.
Linen is a nice choice.

To use, just dip the bag in water and lathe over the skin. When you are finished
hang the bag (it's a good idea to sew ribbons or such on the bag for this purpose)
and massage it occasionally to make sure the insides get dried out.

You can also hang these under your tap for a nice bath. They are also fairly
good air fresheners.

I think you will like them.


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