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Mon Nov 17 12:35:07 PST 1997

Rhiannon here!

Thank you Galen, but it is the Artisans who brought and sent their work are
the one's who should be commended it is always a joy to work when there are
so many knowledgeable and accompished artists to visit with. It is always a
joy to see what they have done.

I look forward to hearing you, Kat and the other bards who were entered in
the Estefod in the future at Candlemas and at other events. 

Thank you all!!

At 08:46 AM 11/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Galen here!
>I would like to take a moment to offer word-fame to the Ansteorran
>Order of the Laurel.  They turned out in _great_ numbers for Kingdom
>A&S in Bonwicke, and I never saw one all day that wasn't working
>hard judging and writing and talking with artisans, or doing the
>administrative work involved in conducting the event.
>Well Done!
> - Galen
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>From: Lisa Carter
>To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG
>Subject: ANST - kA&S
>Date: Sunday, 16 November, 1997 6:57PM
>We would like to thank everyone who braved the cold and came to Bonwicke
>for KA&S.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time.  In the great words of
>HRM, once again "WOW" - the quality of entries were outstanding!  We
>also like to thank those of Bonwicke who worked so hard and M. Kalita
>organizing the judges and entries. Vivat to all the participants!
>In service to the Dream,
>Alaric and Kayleigh Drake
>Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke
>The Western Region of Ansteorra
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