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Ulrica here!  And you bet your bippy I'm gonna fix that solder, too!
My personal opinion is that the talking was what made the event for me.  I
was still talking when we put them on the planes to go home.  I had probably
one of the best times I have ever had and learned more in one single day
than ever before.  All the Laurels were more that willing to send us things
and I have made great contacts to help me in the future.

In case you haven't figured me out yet...I was the purple one doing
registration most of the day.  It was wonderful to put names to the faces I
have met here.  Thanks for being so gracious with my mess ups!  I also want
to thank my Laurel, Mistress Kalida, and her sweet darlin" Thorkel, for all
their hard work.  They did a  bang up job and I love you!

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>> Another was, from what I partially saw, was that lots of judges seemed
>>    to give verbal commentary and not written. I would be quite useful to
>>    the student of the art to actually have some of the information
>>    transfered to be written down so they can refer to it again later.
>Speaking as one of the judges............
>The way I tried to judge was sit and talk to the entrant & offer written
>commentary.  That way I could ask questions that may not be covered in the
>documentation.  Also talking to the entrant gives me a feel for how
>comfortable they are interacting with me and how they take the critque of
>thier entry.  I would much rather be able to show an entrant something
>their work right then.  Writing it down sometimes loses something in the
>translation.  "See this solder can fix it by .....".  I agree
>that written commentary is very helpful and needed.
>This is just my opinion.........
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