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Russell russmax at
Mon Nov 17 17:16:56 PST 1997

Ghislaine Fontaneau/Elayne Hoover wrote:
> If I'd had money to get there and pay site fee, then I would have gladly
> danced with your troupe!  I love court dance, it is one of my favorite
> SCA activities.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to dance sine
> Squires' and Cadets' Invitational last spring.  Not enough willing
> dancers in my shire, no music, not anyone to instruct.....
> Though I once could have taught dance, it has been almost four years
> since I had practice often enough to *remember* any steps.  Now, I just
> have a vague happy memory of how much fun dancing used to be.  I've
> thought about breaking down and buying one of the dance manuals and a
> set of tapes, but why bother...who would I teach the dances to?
> I've just about given up on courtly dance in the Western Region.  I
> would love it if someone were to surprise me....

Madame Ghia,

Just what shire are you from? Would you be interested in being raided by the
Mooneschadowe Dance Troop? (whoops, Troupe)

Just a couple of raving, maniacal dance folk, and dancing can be well under
way. By the way, Marquet & Kate of Adlersruhe are also trying to get dance
going in their group. Perhaps we'll be your way soon.

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