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Mon Nov 17 21:27:16 PST 1997

Heilsa Good Cousin Aquilanne and all True Ansteorrans...

Kief here...dabbling around in HL Lorraine's account.....again.

>Hi all, Aquilanne here.

>On to a couple questions Pug posed to the list: 


>>On the other
>>  hand, other items had several pages of documentation regarding the topic
>>  at hand and was way too much information for some. (ie. me) I don't know
>>  if this is done or possible, but I think it would be a good idea to give
>>  people guidelines for how to document what they are displaying.

>Once again, this was just because we've not yet had a chance to standardize
>criteria yet, but we're working on it too! 

Here's a (small) thought... What about two tier documentation? A "short" form
for general fast scan, and the "long" form for depth and detailed perusal?


>>I just think the highlights of this should be written down.

>I have to admit that I was one of the guilty ones not writing much down. In
>my own defense, I must say that I got so caught up in talking with folks
>that I just plain forgot to write much down except for some book references
>and my email address a couple times (I *do* get so easily distracted ;->).
>Someone made a suggestion of writing down highlights during conversations
>with entrants (sorry, I don't remember who right now; who suggested it?); I
>very much like this idea and will incorporate it next time I judge

Hmmmmm....what about a "Proceedings" as is done in Heraldic and Scribes
Symposia? Any research papers, excellent documentation w/pictures, transcribed
verbal notes, and overall highlights of the different aspects of the


>Let me add my thanks to all the other thanks going out to Bonwicke for
>hosting this truly impressive event. The site was very nice, the food was
>good, and the company incomparable. A special thanks to Their Excellencies
>Kaleigh and Drake for putting up with such an influx of neighbors; the
>warmth and cheer of Their hospitality is cherished by us all.

Thank you, Pug and Aquilanne, for excellent questions and answers! After
reading many of the posts on K-A&S I feel that I missed a really great event!

Waes Thu Hael kinfolk...

Kief av Kiersted

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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