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Sybella sybella at
Tue Nov 18 09:11:13 PST 1997

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

> I am rather leery of a Land Fund for a few reasons.
> One, Donal mentioned already: it's N hours (for large N) from lots of
> people.  The first land fund was in the West.  If you exclude the
> island branches, Australia, and Alaska, the West is quite small
> geographically but with a high population density.
> Two, it's a *lot* of money to build a decent site.

what do you call a lot of money......with volunteer labor all you need is the
cost of the do not need indoor plumbing....porta potties over
holes are called hooters...the black powder groups use them all the time...on
thier sites, works perfectly well....

> 2.1: It'd be used for only a small amount of the time.  (Rent it out
> while we're not using it?  I think a tax lawyer would have to look at
> that idea; I'm pretty sure there are limits on how a 501(c)3 org can
> make money.)  If you want to cover rental costs, it may be more
> cost-effective to establish a trust fund.

actualy you do not call it rent, it is a ''donation''....and a site that is
fairly primitive can be used by any number of groups that do living
history....that would be thrilled at accesss to a primitive site.not to mention
such non-profit groups as the boy scouts....
all of the above groups have the sca attitude about leaving a campsite

Trimaris has a land fund.btw........

do you have any idea how much money a kingdom event expends per event to rent a
here in trimaris....with 2 crown lysts and 2 coronations alone
the site fees are in the realm of $5,000+ per event....using that as a
basis....that is $20,000/yr.   that would easily maintain a site.
find a willing farmer to let his cattle graze the land in exchange for
him penning them up a few days a yr and you have an agricultural exemption.
On land that is being looked at privately to build a modern campsite on here in
trimaris....the owner has already talked about allowing households to build
thier own cabins [at thier own expense of course].

I think one thing that thrills me is the thought of not having to be offsite at
9am because the funddie onsite church is having bible study........  what if I
had the next three days off and wanted to continue camping onsite for a
day.....  at an sca owned site that
could be worked out.
another idea ist hat if the kingdom allowed someone to live rent free on the
land in excahnge for looking after the property....then kingdom members could
come and camp on the weekends for a small fee.   There are endless possiblities
that are available to the sca.


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