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Tue Nov 18 10:37:54 PST 1997

Pug wrote:
>To be honest, for myself, it was a little of two things. First I didn't
>know if it was a performance or not. Second, I was a bit intemidated.
>All of you worked so well together and new the dances so well, that I
>didn't want to make a fool of myself.

     We did perform for the A&S Competition in the early afternoon, but 
after Court that was just dancing for the fun of it.
     I'm sorry you found us intimidating. We didn't mean to be, really. 
We're *always* willing to walk through a dance for those people who 
don't know it.

>I did very much enjoy watching the dancing though. Thank you.

No, thank you for watching and telling us you liked what you saw. 


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