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Tue Nov 18 12:23:24 PST 1997

Zara Zina declared:

>This weekend, I was most impressed by Don Dore' Savien walking around video-taping the >displays to take back to the newcomers at home.  We video-tape tounaments, so why not A & >S competitions?

This is an excellant idea. For static arts, photographs will work as well. This is a
good reminder. I used to take a series of photographs at A&S displays such as the
one for TFYC. Now this job has been taken over for me by my much more talented in
photography lady wife, Alina. I have been considering entering some of my work in
a display sometime and these photographs are just the thing for me to get some good 
ideas on how to best display my work.

I often enjoy looking at the supporting documentation, especially for arts that
I think I might want to try. Unfortunately, I usually don't get the time to look
through such documentation during the display time and if I do, it is difficult
to remember the small details (such as referances) when I get home. I wish there
were an easy way to get copies of such documentation. This is difficult when the
displays are anonymous and even difficult when not. Perhaps a "business card"
with SCA name and contact info. that could easily be picked up? Then you could
contact the artist later to see if they would send you a copy of their notes? I
think asking to have extra copies at the event would be extravagent but this
might be a good compromise.

Such cards would also be handy for those who wanted to compile lists of who
was an expert in various arts, such as A&S officers. I'm not sure the art
needs to be listed. You could add that by hand. I remember as A&S officer
that I had trouble finding out who knew what art. I couldn't get this info
from the artists in the barony. I finally found the best way was to ask other
people what various artists did.

Other thoughts?

Stefan li Rous
RSVE60 at

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