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Tue Nov 18 12:24:17 PST 1997

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<< Unfortunately, I have not been able to dance sine
 > Squires' and Cadets' Invitational last spring.  Not enough willing
 > dancers in my shire, no music, not anyone to instruct..... >>

I think I mentioned before, but on January 24, 1998, the Barony of Namron is
holding our Rapier Championship, and we are planning a Masked Ball after the
feast.  If you have not had enough light fighting, dancing, or collegium
classes, this is the place to be!  Besides (yes another shamless plug!) it is
only 2 weeks before Queen's Champion, and a wonderful opportunity to "gear
up".  And we have a wonderful indoor site!

Lady Tyrca
(autocrat for Rapier Champion)
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