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Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Nov 18 05:12:45 PST 1997

Pug Bainter wrote:
> dssweet at said something that sounded like:
> >      The Mooneschadowe Dance Troupe really enjoyed the whole experience
> > of Kingdom A&S,
> Ahh! That's who that was!!!
> > and we were looking forward to dancing that evening, yet
> > no one danced with us. We expected this event to be a "dancing" event,
> > but we were proved wrong. Why? What could we have done to encourage the
> > Laurels, Nobles, peers, Lords and Ladies to dance? What not within our
> > control could have been done to encourage dance?
> To be honest, for myself, it was a little of two things. First I didn't
> know if it was a performance or not. Second, I was a bit intemidated.
> All of you worked so well together and new the dances so well, that I
> didn't want to make a fool of myself.
> I did very much enjoy watching the dancing though. Thank you.

Thanks for the compliment. It makes us happy that others enjoy what
we're doing, even if they aren't participating.

We suspected that we weren't looking as open to others as we would have
liked. During the day, when we were doing performance for judging, it
probably put some folks off for dancing with us after court. We should
have had the heralds invite everyone to dance with us after court. It
also looked like folks were pretty tired after a big day of
displaying/performing/judging. Court was long, and I think people who
hadn't seen each other in awhile wanted to talk.

In the future, if you see Mooneschadowe dancing, don't be afraid to join
right in. We love to teach! Also, don't be afraid to request a dance. We
want everyone to join in and have fun. We also like to learn new dances,
so if we don't know it, we'll want you to teach it to us.

of the Mooneschadowe Dance Troupe
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