ANST - Land funds...

Tim Lozos dentim at
Tue Nov 18 16:14:56 PST 1997

Regarding land funds...

>40 events/year at the site with an average of 250 people (optimistic?)
>at $3/person would yield $30,000/year. That would be enough, but I am
>probably being optimistic in thinking that any site would be used for 40

WOW! Forty events per year?? That's almost 1 a weekend. If we located the
site, say in Shadowlands (about the most central city in the  D/FW, Houston,
San Antonio triangle)  and ALL the groups in the triangle had  ALL their
events on the site, I still dont see how we could have 40.
That also doesnt count for contflicts on the schedule. 

I think , that unless the Kingdom is benifited by a generous lotto winner or
the large estate of a deceased member (is that legal?), that a permanent
Kingdom site is a bit of a pipe dream. 


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