ANST - Land funds...

Russell russmax at
Tue Nov 18 22:13:29 PST 1997

Here are some more thoughts on land funds.

With a $1 event surcharge, I reckoned we would collect about $20,000 per year.
A down payment on a site would be made in 4 or 5 years. I envisioned a
complete site with hall, kitchen, privvies and showers, and all other
necessary improvements, which would cost about $400,000 total.

My lady, Rhiannon Redwolf, noted that for about the same money as the down
payment, we could buy the land alone. Improvements could then be funded later
from events held at the primitive site. It wouldn't be suitable at first for
events requiring an indoor venue, or for things in deep winter, but it would
be as good as many sites the SCA uses now.

We could pay as we go, without having to go into a great amount of debt.

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