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> with volunteer labor, all you need is the cost of the materials.

Tried that in Gun Barrel, Texas.  There was an already-existing
barn-like building with electricity available, water, and a kitchen (a
failed steak restaurant, I think), and land and roads about, and a
very enthusiastic town.  Rosenfeld and Steppes donated labor some
number of times over some months (I don't recall the numbers, alas).
It took a lot of work to just get the electricity in good shape again
(and you *have* to have real electricians as volunteers), and the fire
ants I wouldn't wish on an SCA vampire goth with elf ears.  Steppes
gave up trying to help get it usable, and I think Rosenfeld did too.

(To digress: it didn't help that Steppes had an accidental fire each
of the two times they were (co-)sponsoring an event there.  To be near
Mistress Rhiannon when she realized that the grease fire on the grill
was large enough to force using the chemical fire extinguisher on the
main course ... it was tragic.  And there was the event where the
*chirugeon* vomited from heat stress ... *Sed digredio*.)

> and a site that is fairly primitive can be used by any number of
> groups that do living history ... not to mention such non-profit
> groups as the boy scouts....

Not "any number": it's the number of such groups that exist and that
want to use a primitive site.  I just don't know how many such groups
there are around here.  As for "want to use": Gonzales State Park has
indoor toilets, running water, and tables.  Canton First Monday has
that plus electrical outlets all over camp, faucets all over camp,
showers with hot water, and ice delivery.  They're reasonably priced.
There are other places.  (I bet the Boy Scouts already have camps,

> do you have any idea how much money a kingdom event expends per
> event to rent a site?  here in trimaris....with 2 crown lysts and 2
> coronations alone the site fees are in the realm of $5,000+ per
> event....

Name of a name of a name of a name of ... of a *name*!  I don't recall
the exact figures for Steppes events -- the last place I recall
hearing rental amounts -- but IIRC they were on the order of $500 to
$2000 or so (Canton) for a site.  These are for the biggest indoor and
outdoor events in the kingdom, I'm told.

Also, I suspect you're comparing apples and oranges.  I'll bet
Trimaris is not paying $5K for privies, no water, and no electricity.

Another article was posted today with back-of-the-envelope notions
about costs.  They look reasonable to me, but I've never priced such

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