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Deborah and Robert Wade dwade at
Wed Nov 19 10:21:35 PST 1997

As an ex-Kingdom Treasurer I can say that we discussed this several years
ago and decided that in Ansteorra at the time this was not a viable project
for many reasons the most notable being Funding the project.  Daniel is
correct in stating that a surchange can not be required of the populace.
It could be a voluntary donation to the "Land Fund" which would then be
maintained separately from the main treasury for an extended length of time
until enough money had been obtained to make the down payment.

It is doubtful that 30 events would be held at such a site due to the way
this Kingdom is spread out.  I can see where a land fund, or Kingdom site
would be adventagous to a geographically smaller kingdom, but Ansteorra is
large enough that it takes several hours to travel to events within the
same region much less the Kingdom.  Kingdoms where the land fund has worked
are considerably smaller geographically and more branches can use the site
for events without having to travel an extended distance to setup the site.

I believe that if a branch or group of branches wishes to do something they
might consider other projects which might be of benefit to their region as
a whole or to the kingdom at large.  



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