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Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Nov 19 03:23:53 PST 1997

Sybella wrote:
> >  We want a hall that will seat 400 for feast or 800 for
> > court. It needs an industrial kitchen. We also want sufficient shower
> > and toilet facilities.
> is that all you want my lord...perhaps a partridge in a pear tree as well?grins
> sabella

Well, in the North we are kind of spoiled.

Seriously, this is a site that has to be *better* than most of the other
sites we have access to. It has to be able to support a Crown or
Coronation event. The last time my shire held Coronation, there were 800
on site, and the feast for 300 was considered woefully inadequate. This
was up in western Oklahoma.

If the event were held in the center of Texas, the attendance would
likely be even higher, especially if the site had good amenities, like
showers, flush toilets, and a kitchen. My number are not inflated, but
from experience.

Guillaume from Mooneschadowe
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