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Todd W. Marsh tmarsh at
Wed Nov 19 10:17:23 PST 1997

Amra responded to an earlier post with:

	> Hmmmmm....what about a "Proceedings" as is done in Heraldic 
	> and Scribes Symposia? Any research papers, excellent 
	> documentation w/pictures, transcribed verbal notes, and 
	> overall highlights of the different aspects of the
	> competition.
	As much as I love this concept otherwise, a few concerns: 
	who edits? who puts up front money and benefits from any (paper)
	profits? how is distribution handled for post-event

How about a Kingdom A&S web site? Publication is cheap on-line.  If each
artisan emails their documentation and scans their own pictures, the
editor's job is easy.


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