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>>Maybe someplace halfway between Steppes/Elfsea, Stargate,
>>and Bryn Gwlad could be used that often, if all those groups in the
>>Central, Southern & Coastal regions would commit to it.
>I'm here in Elfsea... but don't forget about the north! Let's not make 
>this too hard on OK.
> In general, if
>>it's much more than three hours away from your group, it's too far to
>>have your events there. 
>I tend to disagree. I'm driving a four hour trip to vistit my lord on a 
>frequent basis... no problem! When I was married, I drove from Arlington 
>to Lackland AFB to see my husband every-other weekend... no problem! 
> Ansteorra is HUGE and it's always a healthy drive to get anywhere to an 
>event. Driving is a major part of Ansteorran life!

I actually played with this question a few years ago; I doubt the numbers
have changed that much. The geographic center of Ansteorra is a little
sough of Elfsea, near the mundane town of Glen Rose. I figured this out by
taking a 2" ring and a bunch of thumbtacks and rubber bands. Get a regional
map, put a thumbtack in for each group, then hook the rubber bands between
the ring and the thumb tacks. The ring ended up just east of Glen Rose.

>>We could also rent the site out to other re-enactment and similar
>>groups, if we are not fully using the site ourselves.
>Sounds great! What groups do you have in mind?

Well, if we build any kind of castle or great hall onsite, it would be a
natural for groups like Amptgard or the High Fantasy Society. If it's just
a generic semi-primitive camping area, then the black powder and Civil War
folks could use it as well. (Remember the Coronation a couple of years ago
in Oklahoma, where we were at a castle north of town, and the Civil War
folks were having a battle south of town? Talk about culture shock!)

	-Tivar Moondragon

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