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Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Fri Nov 21 12:23:09 PST 1997

>> In general, if
>>>it's much more than three hours away from your group, it's too far to
>>>have your events there. 
>>I tend to disagree. I'm driving a four hour trip to vistit my lord on a 
>>frequent basis... no problem! When I was married, I drove from Arlington 
>>to Lackland AFB to see my husband every-other weekend... no problem! 
>> Ansteorra is HUGE and it's always a healthy drive to get anywhere to an 
>>event. Driving is a major part of Ansteorran life!

The difficulty is not in driving to the site, it is the logistics of
moving group equipment.  Close in, we can haul it out in personal
vehicles.  For some sites within 100 miles, a rented van and several
trips will suffice.  For an site in central Texas, many groups would
probably need a 2 1/2 to 5 ton box body truck to move it one run.

Admittedly, the Kingdom's group equipment could be stored on site, but
without a caretaker, there is a high risk of theft.

Another consideration is how many day trippers would you lose?  Mundane
considerations limit my travel, so I often attend an event within two
hours drive for the day and go home at night.  If all events moved to
central Texas, I would attend considerable fewer events than I do.

>>>We could also rent the site out to other re-enactment and similar
>>>groups, if we are not fully using the site ourselves.
>>Sounds great! What groups do you have in mind?
>Well, if we build any kind of castle or great hall onsite, it would be a
>natural for groups like Amptgard or the High Fantasy Society. If it's just
>a generic semi-primitive camping area, then the black powder and Civil War
>folks could use it as well. (Remember the Coronation a couple of years ago
>in Oklahoma, where we were at a castle north of town, and the Civil War
>folks were having a battle south of town? Talk about culture shock!)
>	-Tivar Moondragon

I would argue that with a little judicious positioning of a hall or
castle on an adequate piece of property, all the various recreation
groups could use the site, just not on the same weekend.

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