ANST - Duck recipe

Maddie Teller-Kook meadhbh at
Fri Nov 21 15:45:34 PST 1997

You might try contacting Rhiain!  She did some excellent duck in the
norse camp at Elfsea Defender.  I think she is on this list. If you are
lucky.... she MIGHT give you her duck butter recipe as an extra (evil
grin). To be honest, she made some excellent duck!  


DAFPIG at wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> I realize that this question might me a little out of place here, but I need
> some help.  I need a EASY FOOLPROOF recipe for cooking a duck.  I'd like to
> try to cook one for thanksgiving.  I know ,but after doing turkey with both
> sets of relitives, it gets old!!.
> I know we have many wonderful and skilled cooks in this kingdom, perhaps
> someone would be willing to share a recipe???
> Please e-mail me privately so not to clutter up this list.
> Thanks
> Daffydd and Octavia
> Dafpig at
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