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Tue Nov 25 06:31:49 PST 1997

Hi all, Aquilanne here.

Just found this on the Artemisia list, and thought I'd share it with all
you big-hearted Ansteorrans out there. Anyone interested in doing something
like this as well?

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>Greetings All,
>     Saw a little boy in a wheelchair today who totally charmed me and was
>reminded of something they do in Caid that might be worth doing here if we
>can get the Kingdom of Artemisia behind it.  Several years ago Caid was
>contacted by the Make A Wish Foundation, which is an organization that
>arranges to grant wishes to terminally ill children.  Seemed there was a
>little boy who wanted to be a prince.  Well, it was so arranged and a
>special event was held in which the little boy was "adopted" by the King
>and Queen and crowned Prince in an elaborate ceremony.  All fighting was
>done in his honor, all the groups that make up the kingdom sent
>represenatives with gifts and the kingdom outfitted the boy and his entire
>family.  It was a fantastic and truly special event.  Every year thereafter
>Caid has held the Make A Wish Tournament, with the foundation choosing a
>child whose wish it is to experience medieval life.  I think it's something
>every Kingdom should consider doing, why not Artemisia next?  Especially
>when we consider that not very often do we get a chance to do really
>meaningful community service this seems like an ideal way to achieve
>something we can all be proud of.  And as that "season of giving" rapidly
>approaches shouldn't we consider a little giving that really means
>something?  I'd like to know what you all think.
>Madonna Lucia
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